Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shhh… Let me Babble and Yell!

I love to blog, blogging would be so much more easier though—if it didn’t entail writing.  Having to earn your bread and butter as a writer means that every day you get free you want to do anything but sit down and write.

Sadly no one will pay me to sit and write what I want. Till someone comes to their senses and decides to do,  till then you lovely beautiful, incredible followers of mine will have to do with these comet posts. I hope to turn from comet to solar eclipse soon, and hopefully sooner into a regular blogger. Why you may I ask? Because I have so much I want to say.

Firstly and I should address this before my anger subsides, women. As I type this I can’t help but for feel bad for you women. Dear feminist reader, don’t be angry, I’m sure you could do with a hug too. I’m not looking down on you, I just think that it sucks that my country is treating you like shit.  I like women, I find them more interesting than men, they’re also prettier to look at and if the last eight months have taught me anything it’s that women will teach more about you than you knew existed.

Happy Times calls for Happy photos! 
Secondly, I’m happy. I’d like to mention just exactly why, but I cant. But I can say that I’m happy. I like being happy too, it makes writing stories about animals and people all the more fun. I like having someone to turn to when I think something about the world is right, I like spirited discussions that don’t involve nodding of heads and a compromised opinion. What does the last line have to do with being happy? Well it’s the person that makes me happy that allows all of that. So thank you ‘happy’, Amen.

I finished a year at Tinkle. A year of writing for India’s most iconic comic book. A year of Suppandi gags, Shambu adventures and Tantri the Mantri devious plots.  I also became a sports columnist at Tinkle Digest. I also got onboard with the lovely people at ACK Animation and soon will be part of a story team that only knows how to think big, something I’ve been missing for a long time.

So to sum up, life’s good dear followers, but life still feels partly incomplete. I know why too, its four letters… BOOK. I gave myself till 23 to finish my first book, I now have only nine months left to accomplish that. Nine months is a symbolic time period, so here’s hoping by December 28th,  I’ll have brought something to life.


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  1. Congrats on the year at the job. Its so awesome that you're working at Tinkle. I grew up reading those digests and still cherish them. Great Goans go places *Susegaad Bro Fist*